Getting Started

Are you new to IRC? Do you want to meet a well-knit community of internet users with various interests? If so, we can help you join us!

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Know The Rules

Let's face it. Rules are a necessary evil to maintain order and a sense of normality. Without them, #USA would be yet another lawless jungle.

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Staying Safe

The world is a dangerous place. The internet exists in the world, which makes it just as dangerous... But it doesn't have to be.

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Our Channel is Special

#USA was founded over 20 years ago, on October 28th, 1996. This not only means that our channel is very old, it also means it's tried and tested. With over 100+ users each day, our channel was and remains one of Undernet's largest private English speaking channels.

Now, contrary to our channel's name, we've actually got very little to do with the United States of America. Most of our channel staff are from countries all across the globe. Our users are also scattered to every corner of the world. This makes us an international channel. However, much like the United States, we take pride in our diversity.

Here's what makes #USA special. It's filled with users who are genuine. They're regular people just like you and I, from all walks of life. Each individual user contributes to the channel. Every time someone new joins, the channel gains more than just a user. We gain the experience of someone else's life. Their cultures, their ways. Chatting in #USA is the equivalent of traveling the world. It's just a lot cheaper, and you can do it in your pajamas without people staring at you.



Now that you're settled in...

We think this is an excellent moment to invite you to register for a #USA User Account. This is a special, channel-specific account that'll allow you to use our Forum, Website, and other services. Don't worry - It's free!