DJ Policy


Please take the time to understand these policies

  1. If you are interested in becoming a DJ, please contact the DJ Coordinator, Jilly`.
  2. Only Channel Operators voiced and trusted users may be promoted DJs.
  3. Only one DJ at a time may be promoted. Those on #usa’s radio will have first priority. Other DJs should NOT promote their show if a DJ is already on air.
  4. The promoted DJ may post a brief promotion message, including the stream URL, no more than once every 30 minutes.
  5. The DJ Coordinator will maintain an easily accessible posted schedule that clearly shows who is scheduled for what dates/times each week.
    • DJs may reserve up to four hours per show and may request no more than two reserved shows per week. The time slot may be extended only if no other users would like to go on.
    • If a slot is not filled and the DJ Coordinator is not available, the channel Operators present at the time may, at their discretion, allow an ad hoc DJ to be promoted. DJs that have regularly scheduled shows will have first priority.
  6. The Operator Team and/or Channel Owner may bar an individual from having promoted shows if, in their judgment, that individual is abusing the system in any way or is causing undue scheduling problems for the DJ Coordinator. No one has a right to be a promoted DJ - it is a privilege granted by channel management.
  7. As a common courtesy, if you are scheduled to DJ and cannot, you need to inform the DJ Coordinator, so that slot may be opened up to other DJs; Failure to do so could cause you to lose your designated weekly spot.


Do you have questions or concerns?

Please contact the DJ Coordinator, Jilly`, for any clarification you might need regarding DJ policies.