So after a few weeks of #USA's website being down, I'm happy to announce that the new website is finally online, and I'm even happier to announce that there have been some changes under the hood as well.


  • [M] The beta attribute has been removed, and the site is considered in production.
  • [m] The /USA/ directory has been removed, allowing users to access the website without redirection of any sort.
  • [M] A content management system has been installed, allowing all members of staff to manage the website.
  • [M] The profiles page has been revamped to display all users with no regard to status or ranks on the website, as such functionality has been deprecated in favor of the forum.
  • [M] All users can log in to the website via their forum credentials. After the first time login on the website, users can log in to either the Website or the Forum and the system will automatically log them into the other.
  • [M] DJ scheduling has been implemented, along with a registration process.
  • [M] The website now contains more useful information than its previous incarnations. Such information includes the Getting Started guide, as well as the upcoming Userguide and Security guide.
  • [M] The website also has a push notification system which users can subscribe to from their browser or phone to get up-to-date information about the channel.
  • [P] #USA Radio will be fully integrated into the website.

Changelog Key: [M] Major Change; [m] Minor Change; [P] Planned Change

If you have any difficulties with the new website or processes such as Logging In or Registering for a DJ Show, please contact me, or join #development and post your complaint in there.

#Development is an official side-channel for #USA.

I'm a mom, wife, nurse, a retired #USA Senior Administrator, the current #USA Security Director and an Undernet IRC Operator. All you see on here right now, is my handiwork.


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