Congratulations MrJump, Jilly` and Joanna^
#USA voted and spoke. The results were clear. You three submitted some of the best pictures for the homepage contest. As you can see, your images have been uploaded to the homepage already!

I’d like to take this time to thank each and every one of you who participated in this contest. You all submitted some wonderful pictures, which really showcased some of the best things from our users all across the world.

I’d also like to announce a NEW contest. This one will be opened in April, and the details will of course be made available at a later time. Again, it’s a homepage image contest. But it’ll be different from the one we just had.

Lastly, I’m wondering, would the contestants mind having their pictures submitted to our gallery for users to see them in all of their glory? – By default, I won’t do this unless you ask me. So! If this is okay with you, let me know, and I’ll move it into the gallery. Remember, you can ask me at anytime to remove the pictures, and I’ll gladly do so. 🙂

~Krysti (QueenElsa)

I'm a mom, wife, nurse, a retired #USA Senior Administrator, the current #USA Security Director and an Undernet IRC Operator. All you see on here right now, is my handiwork.


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