If I was an old-school fifty pound boombox (remember them?)

These sure are exciting times for the listeners of #USA Radio. I’m happy to announce the release of a new web radio player. Officially it rolls out today. Since it’s an HTML5 based radio player, it should work on all modern devices capable of accessing the internet and playing streaming content. It even has a flash player fallback option for those who are on older devices.

Now there are some caveats to this new web radio player. For starters, some users have complained that they were unable to get it to play, but this issue can be resolved by allowing flash content to load in your browser. Other users pointed out the fact that the volume slider (that big slider bar on the player itself is a volume control, NOT a progress bar.) disappears on mobile devices. This is not a bug, but rather intentional, as websites are not capable of controlling volume on mobile devices. For you mobile users, you’ll have to use your device’s volume controls.

The #USA Radio player can be accessed by clicking on the Radio link to the left-hand side of this website. Alternatively, you can use one of the following links depending on your situation. – This is the ideal player page, as it’s fully integrated with our website. Most of you will probably want to go here. – This is a standalone version of our web radio player. It’s not integrated with the main website but is ideal for use on a smartphone.;stream.mp3 – This is an MP3 stream. It’s only available once a DJ is on-air. This is the least ideal option, but it may be of use to those who use their own clients like AIMP or Winamp to tune in.

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions – you can voice them at You can also /msg QueenElsa if she’s active.

I'm a mom, wife, nurse, a retired #USA Senior Administrator, the current #USA Security Director and an Undernet IRC Operator. All you see on here right now, is my handiwork.



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