The Undernet IRC Network is not like other networks. On the Undernet, you cannot register nicknames. Nicknames are free for all to use, as long as they are available. However, Undernet does offer usernames to each and every user willing to register for one. Registering for a username will give Undernet users some abilities not afforded to those without a username. Users who have a username may register up to 3 channels; use the channel services bot, X; and hide their IP addresses from other users on the network.

To register for a CService Username: you'll first need to go to the CService website. Due to the antiquated and draconian linking policy of CService, we cannot provide you with a direct link to the CService live website. However, we can give you the URL. You may access it by typing: http://cservice.undernet.org/live into your browser's address bar. Once you're there, The CService Live website should look similar to what you see in the picture.

Are you unable to access the CService website? -- /join #CService and ask for help.

Step 1

COPPA Law: Because of the COPPA law in the United States, you'll need to let CService know if you're 13 years of age or older. If you're under the age of 13, CService cannot allow you to register a username.

  • You'll need to select I am 13 or older in order to proceed.
  • If you're not over the age of 13. You cannot get a username. Do not lie on your application.

Step 2

Pick a username: At this stage, the CService Live website will ask you to pick a username. As you do this, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • This is not nickname registration. Nicks cannot be registered on Undernet. A username is different from a nickname.
    • Your username does not have to be the same as your nickname.
    • Your username must begin with a letter. It can contain only letters and numbers.
    • Your username will be visible to other users on the network, once it is registered.
  • Since usernames cannot be changed once they are registered, you should think long and hard before you register a username. If your username contains obscenities or is malicious in nature, you may find that you won't receive help in official network help channels. You may also quickly discover that you can be banned in some channels if your username is deemed inappropriate.

Step 3

Enter your email address: CService needs your e-mail address in order to process your username application. In the event that something goes wrong (like you forgot your password) you will need a WORKING e-mail address to recover your username. It will also be required should you wish to register a channel or modify one of your existing channel's registration ownership.

  • The e-mail address you select should be reliable and working.
  • While you should use an ISP e-mail address, you can use a free provider such as AOL, Gmail, MSN, or Yahoo.

Step 4

Select your language: In order to communicate with you, X needs to know what language you speak.

  • Note: There are several fun languages in X such as Christmas and Star Wars

Step 5

Set your secret question and answer: This will allow you to recover your username if ever something happens to it.

  • Make sure you remember your secret question and answer. In the event that you're locked out of your account, knowing the question and answer will make recovering your account a much faster process.

Step 6

Prove that you're a human: Because automated bots attempt to sign up for usernames, CService has implemented a captcha. To continue, you'll need to enter the letters and numbers you see in the picture.

  • Failing the captcha too many times can block you from completing registration.
  • There is a time-limit on the captcha code. If you take too long, the code will change, however, this will not be reflected on the page.

Step 7

Complete the application: To finish the application and submit it, you'll need to agree to CService's disclaimer about their usernames. Some things that you should keep in mind:

  • You CANNOT have multiple usernames. If you are found to have more than one username registered, CService will suspend all of your usernames.



Your application was submitted: Congratulations! You've completed your application and submitted it. But, you're not done yet. You still have to finish the verification process.


Check your email

Go check your Email: Now that you've submitted your application, you need to verify your e-mail address. You can do this by clicking the link that CService sent you.

  • Note: In the example provided, we used Outlook.com. If you've used another email provider, your e-mail account may appear different than the one in the example above.
  • For the security conscious users, you may copy and paste the link instead of clicking on it. Just be sure you copy the entire link.
For your convenience, we've included links to the popular email providers.
If you haven't received the email, please /join #usernames for assistance.

Successful Application

Note your password: You're going to need this to log in to your account. Write it down or memorize it. Then go to the CService Live website and log in. URL: https://cservice.undernet.org/live


Login Reminder

You'll see this message everytime you login: It's just a reminder to help you keep your account safe. You can click on the proceed normally your login sequence link.

If you can't login, please /join #usernames for assistance.

Pick Time Zone

Select your time zone: This will allow X to correctly communicate to you for matters of record.


CService Live

Welcome to your CService Live account settings page: Finally. You're now able to access and modify the settings of your Username.

  • Note: Some of the settings cannot be modified until your account has existed for a set period of time.

Change Password

Change your password: The first thing you should do is immediately change the automatically generated password you received when you registered from your account.

  • You should pick a secure password A secure password should have the following:
    • 2 upper case letters
    • 2 lower case letters
    • 2 numbers
    • 2 symbols (#@$!~)
    • and be at least 10 characters in length
      • Example: Th1$myP@s$w0rD

  • You can use a secure password generator, like the one found at: https://www.safepasswd.com

Password Changed

Your password has been changed: If you're not good with passwords, you should probably put this somewhere safe. Getting an offline password manager such as KeePass may be useful to you for this task.


Logging into X

To log in to X: Just type

/msg X@channels.undernet.org LOGIN Username Password

  • Replace Username with the username you registered.
  • Replace Password with the password you set after completing the registration.
  • You must type /msg X@channels.undernet.org or X will not allow you to log in.
  • To hide your IP address, type this:

    /mode whatever_your_nick_is +x

Once you have set mode +x, your hidden host will be activated.

Anyone who does a /whois on you will be able to see username.users.undernet.org in place of your real IP address, with username being replaced with whatever username you chose during registration.

If you've encountered problems while registering your username or logging into it please, /join #usernames for assistance.
I'm a mom, wife, nurse, a retired #USA Senior Administrator, the current #USA Security Director and an Undernet IRC Operator. All you see on here right now, is my handiwork.


    • You’re very welcome! Yeah, the screenshots were a royal pain in the butt to do, especially because I had to get permission from someone in CService to make a second account. Anyway, feel free to save it! There’s a button at the top of that post (and all future ones) you can use to download the post as a PDF file. It cleans up pretty well, and the images are pretty visible in the PDF.


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