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Over the years, #USA has evolved from just another chat channel, to one that features a radio stream. While #USA is not a radio-channel, it does have several users who enjoy producing radio shows and have been permitted to promote their shows on #USA. These shows are popular and have added to the channel community. However promoting them on channel is still officially against our rules, or is a grey area at best. Furthermore, conflicts arisen between DJs over scheduling and other issues as more individuals seek to produce shows and their time in the spotlight.

This policy seeks to establish base-line requirements for being a promoted (i.e. promoted in the channel) DJ, and set up guidelines for scheduling.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The DJ Scheduling System has not yet been implemented. Please contact DJ Coordinator, Jilly` to make arrangements for your show schedule. The scheduler will be available, ASAP.

1. Only channel Operators and voiced users may be promoted DJs.

2. Only one DJ at a time may be promoted.

3. The promoted DJ may post a brief promotion message, including the stream URL, no more than once every 30 minutes.

4. The promoted DJ may NOT post “now playing” messages in the main channel, but may post them in a separate #USA-Radio channel (to be established).

5. The Channel Owner, advised by the Operator Team, will appoint a DJ Coordinator to manage the DJ schedule.

6. The DJ Coordinator will maintain an easily accessible posted schedule, using whatever program or system he/she prefers, that clearly shows who is scheduled for what dates/times each week.

a) The DJ Coordinator may establish a deadline for submitting time slot reservation requests. This deadline will be communicated to all DJs and posted in the forum, and will be set so that the DJ Coordinator has time to work out the schedule..

b) DJs may reserve up to four hours per show, and may request no more than two reserved shows per week.

c) If a slot is not filled, the channel Operators present at the time may, at their discretion, allow an ad hoc DJ to be promoted. DJs who already have regular shows elsewhere on the schedule must be willing to step aside and let less experienced DJs have priority onad hoc shows.

7. The Operator Team and/or Channel Owner may bar an individual from having promoted shows if, in their judgement, that individual is abusing the system in any way or is causing undue scheduling problems for the DJ Coordinator. No one has a right to be a promoted DJ—it is a privilege granted by channel management.

If you need clarification regarding a ban or other Operator action, ask about it in a polite and respectful private message. If you are not satisfied or believe that an Operator is abusing his or her position, please go to our forum to lodge a complaint—incoherent rants will not be taken seriously, so please stick to the facts and make sure to include what time (specify what time zone) the incident occurred so that we can research it using channel logs.